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Sun Valley Recovery Services


Arizona's preferred provider for DUI, Domestic Violence and all other court-ordered treatment!


Sun Valley Recovery provides both online or in-person services in a nonjudgmental and confidential setting. Our clients have the choice of receiving their treatment from the privacy of their own home, or at our Chandler location, conveniently located close to the 101 and Chandler Boulevard. With over 20 years of combined court-ordered experience, our providers have built long-standing relationships with all of the local courts. Our effective treatment solutions result in the least number of hours required by the courts. 

Daniel Blew, MSAC, LISAC

Masters Level Licensed Therapist, counselor, mentor, and life coach specializing in creating balance and harmony in the lives of clients struggling with various life issues. Some of these include addictions, depression, anxiety, low self-image, anger, trauma, PTSD, and other life-stressors.


Dan has significant experience and expertise in various counseling and psychotherapy techniques focusing on strengths-based approaches. His core modality is cognitive behavioral therapy along with other forms of motivational interviewing techniques.


Dan possesses a unique ability to connect with and influence clients of all ages and all walks of life. His core focus is addictions and substance abuse with a concentration on co-occurring disorders. Dan is an expert in addiction issues and possesses an uncanny ability in developing genuine and lasting self-confidence and self-respect amongst his clients. Dan enjoys working with and connecting with some of the “toughest” clients who tend to be more stubborn and entrenched in their defiance and substance abuse (some call it denial) - those less likely to accept help and make change. Dan’s approach is candid and straightforward; he offers simple and practical perspectives, tools, and resources that clients can easily process and apply to everyday life.  


Dan is an Arizona Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor (LISAC) with extensive experience and expertise with Alcohol and Drug Addiction. Bachelors from the University of Arizona and a Master of Science degree (4.0 GPA) in Addictions Counseling from Grand Canyon University.

Alcohol, Drug, Gambling Abuse and Addiction

Extensive experience in Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and Gambling Addiction with a special interest in alcohol/drug abuse and dependence. A unique approach in education and therapy which produces the highest probability of moderate consumption or complete abstinence.

Unique Approach

Through various methods of behavioral modification and gradual life changes, the brain auto-reduces its need to seek euphoria through alcohol/drug use. Understanding the reward system of the brain and how endorphins are produced, and the role of dopamine is a huge step in moderating alcohol/drug abuse.

Redefining Sobriety 

In today's world, drinking alcohol is glamorized and mental health is shunned as weakness. Consequently, many people use alcohol (and other drugs) to hide, self-medicate and ultimately ignore the underlying issues. Our approach allows clients to eliminate shame and guilt so they can genuinely examine and improve their mindset and sense of self.

Channing C.

Thank you for helping me understand my drinking and recognizing how it affects my decisions – most of all, thank you for not making me feel so shameful.

Craig F.

Before I came to you, I had no idea how I could live my life without alcohol. After what I've learned from you, I don't know how I ever lived my life with alcohol.

Josh E.

Dan, I feel incredible! I've never been happier, healthier, or more productive ever in my life! I owe it to you! Thank you for showing me the way!

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